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Kelowna Summer Camps

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FYBA Summer Camps are a great opportunity to hone your skills during a break from school. During these camps, you will learn the fundamentals of shooting, passing, scoring moves and basic team concepts. If youth sports have been approved for Phase 3 COVID-19 Guidelines, these camps will also feature competitions to give campers the opportunity to apply their skills in game situations. These camps will be led by FYBA Head Coaches as well as coaches from the community. 

July Camps (Grade in June 2021)

July 12th & 13th: Grade K-1 Girls 

July 12th & 13th: Grade 2/3 Girls 

July 12th & 13th: Grade K-1 Boys 

July 12th & 13th: Grade 2/3 Boys 

July 14th & 15th: Grade 4/5 Boys 

July 14th & 15th: Grade 6/7 Boys 

July 19th & 20th: Grade 4/5 Girls 

July 19th & 20th: Grade 6/7 Girls 

July 21st & 22nd: Grade 8/9 Boys 

July 21st & 22nd: Grade 8/9 Girls 

July 26th & 27th: Grade 2-4 Boys 

July 28th & 29th: Grade 2-4 Girls   

August Camps Coming Soon 

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